Look in my eyes, what do you see?WHAT A WEEK OF WRESTLING! This is why we are fans of professional wrestling. Oh the highlights! Maybe it does pay out to have a ‘Mark’ run a #wrestling promotion? 😉 Tony Khan first gave us an a-capella concert of Judas in my mind (goose bumps!) and then later down the week followed that up with THE RETURN of the modern wrestling era. “I left professional wrestling in 2005, August 20 2021 I’m back” made grown men cry! #CMPUNK broke the hearts and the internet. On the other side we saw a decent but mostly re-hashed go-home show of SmackDown (with intense Edge! yay!) to prepare us for SummerSlam. And SummerSlam….was wack. Mostly. Edge and Rollins delivered the best told story and edgecution (ha!) but how #WWE botched (!) the return of THE MAN Becky Lynch is something only they can answer. Goldberg vs Lashley. Lame. McIntyre vs Mahal. Lame. Eva Marie vs Alexa Bliss…don’t get me started. Not even the main event ‘made sense’ as all the moves of doom didn’t do anything to shake the Roman Empire. Luckily however we can always count on Vince to take out the cheque book when needed and so we saw Brock Lesnar (and Paul Heyman! What an actor!) saving SummerSlam from being talked about as one of the lamest ever to the one with the shock return!

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